Do Great Work For Clients and Awards Will Follow.

Never forget what comes first.

The advertising industry just loves to congratulate itself. Outside of Hollywood, you won’t find an industry more uber-focused on winning awards and attending award shows than the ad world. At Downtown Partners, we like recognition as much as the next agency, but we’ve always believed that if you do great work on behalf of your clients, the recognition will come. And if it doesn’t, so what? We still have pretty cool jobs. Additionally, and at the risk of sounding corny, it means more to me personally to get a nice call or email from a client about a boost in sales, thanks in part to our work, than to stand on some stage shaking hands for the camera like a politician. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. And so given that context, our spate of recent award wins is even more incredible, and a testament to our belief that good work generates results; it just so happens that sometimes those results include odd-shaped shiny things. So far in 2016, we’ve been honored in every single show we’ve entered – all this after ending 2015 by winning the Top Integrated Healthcare Campaign of the Year in the Grand Global Awards, which featured judging on four continents. Only three months into 2016, we’ve already captured the Bronze for Creative Effectiveness in the David Ogilvy Awards, Best Campaign in the Excellence in Tourism Marketing Awards, Best Not-for-Profit TV campaign and Best Single Tourism Ad in the Tellys, and we are a finalist for Gold in the Best Multi-Platform OOH Campaign in the OBIEs. That’s a pretty impressive run, especially by an agency that doesn’t shell out a lot of dough on award show entries. Soon enough we’ll find out if we’re a finalist for an EFFIE which rewards advertising effectiveness. We like those. Because while it’s fun to receive odd-shaped, shiny things, it’s more fun to be able to prove the shiny value of our work.