Dan Consiglio
partner, creative director

Dan’s willingness to quickly understand an array of different businesses makes him indispensable. As a creative, he values results as much as he does the idea. Dan has been with Downtown Partners for over five years and has previously served as a writer and creative director for brands such as Corona, Baskin-Robbins, Asics, Oakley, Yamaha and more. He also wrote the popular Rozerem sleep-aid campaign featuring Abe Lincoln and a talking beaver. Dan’s work has been recognized in Communication Arts, The One Show, Graphis and even Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame (sadly, not as a player). He is also a two-time Kelly finalist for best print campaign of the year. Most important to Dan, however, are his six Effies, which measure advertising effectiveness. He’s also written several books and has been known to cry over sports.